Your Personal Car Shopping Agents

Your Personal Car Shopping Agents

Our clients save an average of $3,603

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Nick Nensel was a true pro – 24/7 – highly responsive, a strong advocate and an impressive problem solver. Went above and beyond & negotiated a great outcome. Will be recommending DH to my colleagues.

William C. – Moorestown, NJ

Your Personal Auto Buyer in Philadelphia — for New, Leased, Used and
Pre-Owned Vehicles

Nationally-recognized, award-winning automotive experts Derek and Nick know the best new, leased, used, and pre-owned cars, autos and trucks. No more TrueCar, Edmunds, AutoTrader, eBay, or your nephew. Here you work with Pros who have your best interests at heart — your personal auto buyers in Philadelphia and surrounding communities. That’s why we call ourselves the Deal Hitmen! Hire us to be your personal auto buyer in Philadelphia and get the best deal, features, and terms possible when you buy or lease your next car, auto or truck, and NEVER be confused or stressed again.

Best Personal Auto Shopper in Philadelphia — Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our Philly-based personalized, concierge service starts the moment you contact us. As the best personal auto shoppers in Philadelphia, we take your calls personally and answer your emails personally and directly. Then we work with your schedule to meet your unique automotive broker needs, start to finish. We quickly find your auto, car or truck, make sure you get all the vehicle features you want, then negotiate like hitmen as only the best personal auto shoppers in Philadelphia could. Expect top car, auto, and truck choices hand-selected for you, and convenient test drives that let you decide for yourself if this is the one. As your personal auto shopper, we also offer the best trades and replacements, as well as excellent auto finance terms and car lease options you may not have considered.

Professional Auto Negotiator — Saving You Money

We pride ourselves in finding and negotiating for you the best pricing, options, finance and lease terms on the market. Save days, weeks, wasted time, confusion, headaches, stress, anger, upsets, and hassles — we take all the hits for you as your professional auto negotiator saving you money at every turn. No more feeling like you got ripped off, tricked, taken advantage of, or bamboozled. The Deal Hitmen put you in the drivers’ seat, acting as your professional auto negotiator and saving you a load of money — while getting you the best auto, car or truck, new, leased or used, in your price range. Say good-bye to the dreaded visits to the car lot, the slick salesmen, and the cagey auto “finance guy.” We are your professional auto negotiator saving you money for any new, leased or used auto, car or truck in Philadelphia.

Why Should I Choose Deal Hitmen Over Going to the Dealer?

We’ll give you 17 reasons why!


Deal Hitmen founders, Derek Krucelyak and Nick Nensel have one mission and goal… to help save you money and always get the best purchase price possible.

As auto industry insiders — this is not a normal car shopper business. They have worked in car dealerships for many years and know how to take advantage of them, and how to best assist their clients through the entire car buying process.

Flat fee to save you time and thousands!

  • Specializing in new, leased and pre-owned cars
  • Hassle free service – we do all of the work for you
  • We eliminate internet shopping price confusion 

3 Simple Steps to Your Deal

Call us at (833)-DEAL-MEN or fill out our Let’s Get Started form for your FREE consultation. Once we know what type of vehicle you want and the price you need, the Deal Hitmen will get to work.
Once we have some great deals targeted for you, the Deal Hitmen will present you with your options so you can start test driving right away!
You get to sign and drive your chosen vehicle away from the lot knowing that you’ve saved both money and time by using the Deal Hitmen!

Latest News

Deal Hitmen Expands the Team

The Deal Hitmen has added a new member to the team to serve our clients better. Chandler Bergey, who currently lives in Scottsdale, Arizona, will be working in the Phoenix area to serve clients in the Southwest. Clients in the Valley of the Sun will appreciate his...

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Deal Hitmen Expand Operations Again, This Time to Texas

The Deal Hitmen officially released their plans to begin operations in a new market for the second time in just three months. The opportunity to expand to Texas presented itself as advantageous to both clients as well as the company. The newest operation will be based...

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“Deal Hitmen helped me find the Jeep Wrangler of my dreams! I’ve been wanting one for over ten years. The process was so easy and I couldn’t imagine going anywhere else for my future purchases!!!

Ashley H. - Austin,TX

“I wanted to purchase a new car but didn’t have a lot of time to drive around to dealerships to test drive and negotiate with sales people.  Nick and Deal Hitmen made my car buying experience easy, stress-free and quick!  They were professional and were responsive to all my questions and concerns.  They found the cars I was interested in, and made really great suggestions about others I hadn’t considered. 

They conducted all the negations and represented my needs expertly!  I really trusted and valued their guidance and I found the exact car I was looking for with the help of Deal Hitmen! I would highly recommend them!!”

Kirsten E. - Philadelphia, PA

“I had a few very specific requirements for my next car, including having it be completely leather free. Nick was able to find the perfect car for me and fulfill all of my needs and wants. I would recommend Deal Hitmen to anyone!” Adam S. - Philadelphia, PA

Nick and Deal Hitmen saved me $1500 on my CPO 2014 Mazda! Nick enabled me to go into the dealerships with confidence, he informed me of how much the vehicles I was looking at SHOULD be. He offered me guidance on how to go about purchasing a used car in regards to what information I needed to look at. Thanks for saving me money and guiding me in the right direction!

Melanie M. - Santa Barbara, CA

“We instructed the Deal Hitmen on a very specific search for a unique car and they were entirely up to the task! Nick contacted us within minutes of our inquiry and was incredibly responsive throughout the entire car buying process. He truly appreciated what was important to us and what wasn’t and provided informed advice on which of our goals were unrealistic. By the end of the process, I was entirely confident that we had found the car closest to what we wanted. I am so appreciative of the time Nick saved me to be sure of our purchases. Nick ultimately identified a terrific car quickly and made the purchasing and negotiation process with the dealership entirely painless. He even negotiated extraordinary discounts on some luxury extras we wanted included on the car. Nick knows his industry and is a pleasure to work with. I don’t think I will ever buy another car without contacting the Deal Hitmen.” Peter L. - Haverford, PA

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