The Deal Hitmen are excited to announce adding a new team member to better serve clients in the Pacific Northwest. J.R. Chocco, who currently lives in Portland, Oregon, will be working in the Pacific Northwest to serve clients living in Seattle, Portland, and their respective metropolitan areas along the I-5 corridor. Clients in the Pacific Northwest will be thrilled with his knowledge, experience, and laid back demeanor when seeking advice and securing value on their new vehicle.

J.R. is well traveled, having spent time in most major localities along the West Coast as well as abroad. An avid outdoorsman, he has enjoyed the natural beauty throughout the West Coast from the National Parks in Central and Northern California to the majestic beauty of Mt. Hood in his own backyard. He was raised in Southern California, but in keeping with his keen desire for adventure, he spent his university years studying abroad. Not content to simply return to Southern California, he decided to move to San Francisco. After experiencing much of the culture and beauty of the Bay Area, his itch for adventure returned. He settled on the beauty and cultural uniqueness presented by Portland Oregon, where he lives now.

While J.R. is passionate about travel and adventure, he also is extremely passionate about cars and trucks. He is, as some have described him, a “car guy”, a “petrol head”, or “gear head” since an early age. His interest in cars as well as his thrill seeking led him to pursue the world of racing. He also spent time working in automotive media and journalism as well as being as a manufacturing engineering consultant. His automotive business experience is not limited to production, he also was a dealer principal (or owner). His experience as an owner gives him keen experience in the functioning of dealership pricing, marketing, direct and indirect financing, and trade-in valuations. These experiences blend with automotive passion to give J.R. a unique ability to research and recommend the perfect vehicle for clients while also maximizing value and savings when the time comes to acquire that perfect vehicle.

For just a small, straightforward, and transparent fee, J.R.’s experience will allow clients throughout Washington and Oregon to skip the long and stressful process of searching for and researching which vehicle is correct, as he will suggest vehicles and share the research that led him to that particular vehicle or vehicles and how it fits the client’s needs, saving countless hours. He will provide quick, easy, and straightforward answers to clients’ questions regarding pricing (unlike dealerships and leading websites do). Everything but test drives can be completed online or over the phone, no need to take time out of clients’ busy schedules.

He will then coordinate with dealerships to bring test drive vehicles to clients’ home or office throughout the Seattle and Portland metropolitan areas, skipping time consuming trips to dealerships. After negotiating a great deal and saving clients thousands of dollars, he then will be present with clients as they sign all of the paperwork, meaning no high pressure sales situation or drawn out processes. Clients will be out of the dealership and in their new car in under an hour. The Deal Hitmen are confident that tech savvy Pacific Northwest and West Coast clients will be thrilled with this new, simple, and low stress car buying or leasing method.